Only my post titles are getting imported, not the full posts. What gives?!

We can only import what we can see in your feed. Your full post bodies may not be showing up in your feed. To fix this, go to your Blogger dashboard. Click Settings for your blog. Then go to the "Other" settings page. Under "Site feed", there is an "Allow Blog Feed" setting. Change it to "Full". Then click "Save settings". See Blogger's help for more information.

Why does it start to import and then stop in the middle saying I've exceeded my limit?

Tumblr has a limit of 250 posts per day. Yeah, this sucks. It means you can't import more than that on any given day. We're working on a solution for this. In the meantime as a workaround, you can use the importer once, bookmark the bloggertotumblr.com link, and then come back the next day. Simply click "Publish to Tumblr" again and Blogger to Tumblr will continue where it left off.

If you've lost your import link, simply create a new one. You can specify the published-min query parameter on your Blogger feed URL to continue where you left off. For example:


Or if you're using your blogID:


This will import posts starting from March 16th, 2008.

How do I delete posts that I accidentally imported?

Tumblr has a Mass Post Editor for this. Go to your Tumblr Dashboard. Select the blog that has the posts. Click "Mass Post Editor", a small link beneath "Members". From there, you should be able to delete many posts easily.

What happens to my Blogger blog after the import?

Nothing. We download your Blogger blog so that we can transfer it to Tumblr. That's all. This is a read-only process. Your Blogger blog will remain intact exactly as it is now. Importing is a one-time process. If you continue to add new posts or update old posts on your Blogger blog after an import, these changes will not automatically transfer to your Tumblr blog unless you use the service again.

Does this import images, videos, Flash, or other embedded files?

Photos and videos will show up in your Tumblr blog by linking to the files in your Blogger blog. Only the text and links of your Blogger blog are duplicated, not images and videos.

Blogger actually stores pictures that you upload in Picasa Web Albums. That is the key. If you delete your Blogger blog, you need to save the images in the Picasa Web Album to make sure images continue showing in your Tumblr blog. You can see your Picasa Web Albums here: picasaweb.google.com.

Does this import my Blogger theme?

No, this service does not import your theme; only your posts. Blogger and Tumblr have different theme formats. If you'd like to customize your Tumblr theme, try Tumblr's Theme Garden or a third-party theme site like ThemeForest. You can also customize your theme manually by going to your Tumblr settings, selecting your blog, and clicking "Customize" under the "Theme" section.

Can I queue posts in Tumblr instead of publishing immediately?

We're working on this feature. Please check back soon.

I authorized in Tumblr by clicking Allow, but I still get the error "Not Authorized".

Have you disabled cookies in your browser? Re-enable them and try authorizing again. Cookies are required for the authorization process.

How can I support this service?

This service has been running for free since 2008. If you'd like to leave a tip (or donation) to help support it, you can use PayPal. Simply login to paypal.com and click Send Money to support@bloggertotumblr.com for Services.

I read all the FAQs and I still need help.

See the Question & Answer Forum below, or email support@bloggertotumblr.com. When emailing, remember to include your Blogger URL, your Tumblr URL, and the link to your import with the long string of letters and numbers at the end if you have it so that we can help you.

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